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The intangible product in Network Marketing

When I woke up this morning I looked at my phone and there was a text from a prospect that said she was so excited and wanted to sign up as a new distributor in my network marketing company and get started.  This struck me and made me think about when I started and how excited I was.  Why was I excited?  Well it is what we offer.  Yes collectively our companies have excellent products that we market and that is incredible.  We also offer an incredible intangible product and that is HOPE!  This is why I started in this industry.  I was given hope for a better way to earn a living and provide the life that I had dreamed about.  Never discount how powerful hope is.  As I was thinking about this I could not help but think about my own life.  How three short years ago I was pretty much hopeless.  My home was in foreclosure, my mortgage business was basically non-existent and there was very little money coming in.  I was so depressed that I thought about suicide every day.  This was the lowest point of my entire life.  Then one day I was talking with a group of people and someone said something that gave me a sliver of hope.  I don’t even remember what was said now.  From that thread of hope I was able to build on it each day and now my life is inconceivably different than it was three short years ago.

With this hope that each new distributor has when they join you and your network marketing company, comes an awesome responsibility,  we as leaders (I assume you are a leader or you wouldn’t be reading this) now have to take that hope that the new person has and build on it and do everything in our power to help them become successful.  Does this mean that you have all the answers?  No.  This means that you have to use your current skill sets to make them successful and lean on your up line to supply the skill sets you’re lacking.  As you’re doing this you should be building your skill sets each every day.  I have been taught that your team will grow in proportion to your personal development level and I believe that.  You must constantly be growing in the area of personal development.  Until next time live fully, love freely and grab your destiny!


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