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Effective Posting on Facebook

I was reading a blog by Sales Force buddy and found some of the information interesting and thought I would share.  Sales Force Buddy Media analyzed 18,000 Facebook pages.  They gathered the information after the timeline changeover.   They tracked several key statistics.

  • Like Rate
  • Comment Rate
  • Share Rate
  • Interaction Rate

The result of their data can be found in their report here

The top three things that I found interesting were:

  1.  Keep your post short.  Their findings showed,  posts that were under 80 characters or less generated 23% more interaction.
  2. Use of attachments in posts.  This I found to be very interesting and frankly a bit hard to believe.  Posts with photos generated interaction rates 39% higher than average, text only post were 12% higher and post with videos generated the fewest likes, shares and comments.  This is the part I found hard to believe.  They were looking at pages of brands and their posts.  So I think if your brand is YOU then you can’t go wrong with video.  It allows you to connect with your audience like no other medium.
  3. A very important determinant that cannot be overlooked is to have a strong call of action at the end of your post.  What they found is when fans were asked to like a specific post it obtained 3 times the number of likes than posts without asking for the like.  When fans were asked to comment they determined that these posts had 3.3 times the number of comments than those that didn’t ask for comments.  Then the most staggering of is all is if you ask your fans to share your post they are 7 times more likely to share if you did not ask them to share.

So to re-cap; keep your post fairly short under 80 characters if possible, share a picture with your post and the ever important quality to not forget is to ask for the like, comments and shares.

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